The Sacred Journey

The Sacred Journey


Get out of your head and into your heart!

Engage in this unique, transformative, spiritual experience. Feel stronger, more confident and connected than ever before.

Experience feeling life – and YOU – as sacred and whole.

Connect with nature in meaningful ways, delve into your self, stretch and challenge yourself, experience beautiful aspects of first nations culture, find new perspectives, and bask in the inspiring environment created for you.

Register now for your Sacred Journey. (Note: the video below is from 2010. Since then we’ve evolved from Best U Can B to the Shin Dao – the Way of the Heart. The dates have changed to July 3 -7, 2019. Yet the beauty of this location – and the wonder of this experience itself – remain the same. Please join us!)

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The Sacred Journey

July 3 – 7, 2019

The Sacred Journey is an integrative, interactive, out-in-nature, back-to-basics experience that’s guaranteed to make you feel Whole, Connected and One with all.

The Sacred Journey brings you home to your true essence, providing clarity about you and your life in a powerfully experiential way.

I highly recommend the 5-day, Spiritual Journey Retreat created by Tina and Neil. The thoughtful program they’ve developed holds space for experienced spiritual seekers to go as deep as they choose, while still being supportive and accessible for the less experienced. I arrived with an ambitious laundry list of intentions for my spiritual growth. If I’d met even 80% of them I would’ve called it a great success, but I checked every one of them off the list!

You’ll have opportunities to connect with nature in meaningful ways, delve within yourself, stretch and challenge yourself, experience some beautiful aspects of first nations culture, find new perspectives, and overall just bask in the inspiring environment that Tina and Neil create.

As facilitators and hosts, it really showed that Tina and Neil were experienced and well-prepared. It also showed they have a natural calling for this work. They are warm, flexible, and generous while providing structure, boundaries, and challenging people with gentle-but-firm hands.

The food was delicious, healthy, and copious (you won’t go hungry!). The land where the retreat is held (Quantum Leaps Lodge and Retreats) deserves rave-reviews of its own for the scenery, comfy teepees, fabulous energy, lovingly built labyrinth, and more.

You could easily do this retreat every year and have an entirely unique, transformative experience each time. I myself might be back again. Maybe I will see you there!

Tara Lynn Lee, August 2018 Sacred Journey

“Beaverboy is walking along when he comes to a pond. He looks in and sees a reflection. He does not know it is himself, for he has never seen his own reflection before, so he does not recognize what he sees. He dives in after the image. He goes down, down, down, so deep. Deeper and deeper he dives. He wants to take a breath, but knows it will be the end of him if he does. Instead, he goes deeper still, diving after the elusive image. His lungs are about to burst with the need for air. He may die here for lack of precious air, and yet, he continues down and still farther down into a cave.

Great Spirit, seeing the strength of his resolute nature, has mercy on Beaverboy and guides him all the way through the cave, popping him out into an opening. Suddenly, Beaverboy is in a place more beautiful and precious than any he has ever known before. Drinking in a huge breath of the incredibly fresh, clean air, he realizes his reward for the determination and resolution he has shown.” -A story told to Cori Ellingson by her teacher of ancient ways, Marv Holland

This story could be a metaphor for your life. When you take the ‘deep dive’, the search to go beyond the face you see in your mirror to find your true self…

When you persevere through the challenges you’re faced with…

You are rewarded with the incredible beauty of knowing who you truly are; of knowing you never walk alone on your journey.

If you feel called to jump into the pond, to be drawn to see beyond the reflection you see in the mirror each morning…

If you want to know the true beauty of your soul…

Then come and experience The Sacred Journey with us. Spend five incredible days with the elements of nature, facing challenges and taking a deep dive to discover the beauty of your true essence, to remember your Divine Nature…  to feel loved and supported…  to know that you never walk alone.

Imagine experiencing:

  • The powerful healing of the Sweatlodge (conditions permitting).
  • Connection with your Higher Self, your Guide,/Spirits on your own personal Vision Quest.
  • Compassion, understanding and growth through the creation of community meals.
  • Sleeping deeply in the great outdoors… in a Tepee!
  • Powerful, heart-opening exercises, such as the Natural Mud Bath, the Labyrinth Walks, the Medicine Wheel
  • Development of your trust and intuition which will unfold to you over the course of the retreat. Trust. 🙂

This is a small, intimate retreat with a maximum of eight participants…so if this speaks to your heart and soul, contact us right away to experience The Sacred Journey.

Includes all delicious, nutritious meals and authentic teepee accommodations.

Call us at 403-285-5266 or email to set your intention to experience the unforgettable Sacred Journey.