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Healing Package

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Experience nurturing, caring, loving kindness and healing on many levels through:

  • three ‘Galya Journeys’ – A Galya Journey is deliciously unique way to heal your body, mind and spirit! (no dance experience required)
  • PLUS  one private, one-on-one HALS (Healing Angelic Light and Sound) session that is guaranteed to provide healing on many levels.

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Experience not one, not two, but three Galya Journeys (multiple sessions amplify your healing potential). What is a Galya Journey?  A truly unique, spiritual, closed-eye journeys of Connection, Transformation and Freedom to Heal your Body, Mind and Spirit in Safe and Sacred Space. (Even gentler than Nia, believe it or not!)

“This was a deep experience that felt like a coming home to myself. What a lovely experience in such a safe and sacred space. Thank you, Tina!” – from Ronnie Joy Leah, Rainbow Dancer after her Oct 28 Galya Journey.

A Galya Journey is Healing Thru Dance, yet it is more than moving your body – it is a Dance of Your Soul. With eyes closed, tuned into your inner healer, you move to the stirring music, allowing a freedom of expression that becomes moving meditation and a journey into peace. You dance with freedom and joy for some time and then, as the music slows and softens, you silently join the healing circle. The first participant picks up the talking stick… and as it passes from hand to hand, you are deeply moved by the authentic sharing…

Experience the magic of Healing Energies and Messages received and transmitted through your facilitator, Woman Who Dances with Light (Aka Tina Thrussell)

“What a beautiful experience! Exactly what I needed. Thank you, Tina!”  – from Teresa DeGrosbois of Wildfire Workshops after her Oct 28 Galya Journey.

PLUS enjoy one private, one-on-one Shindao Dao session (formerly called HALS – Healing Angelic Light and Sound, but renamed to be reflective of the expanding Way of the Heart experience that these most pleasurable sessions have evolved to)…

Guaranteed to provide healing on many levels and instill a sense of peace and calm.

Just over a month ago, I spent an amazing hour with Tina in a Shin Dao session. I had no idea what to expect but after meeting Tina and reading many of her articles I knew it was something that spoke to me and I was drawn to her on that day.

From beginning to end, I allowed myself to be open and receiving of all that she surrounded me with. I was able to close my eyes and trust that every sensation and sound was being delivered with good intention. The balancing and healing of this sacred light resonated deep within me and I was able to bring forth feelings that I had suppressed for a very long time. My root chakra was the indicator that triggered huge emotion that I’d kept safe within my spirit for over 40 years, feelings that needed to be brought back into my mind for me to deal with.

By the end of our session I knew that I had to allow myself to think and feel what I’d suppressed and was so thankful that Tina had given me an opening to do so.

Thank you, Tina, for all the light and love that you share in this world. Peace be with you always.

With love and gratitude

Virginia Frampton, December 2016

Experience the magic of Healing Energies and Messages received and transmitted through your facilitator, Woman Who Dances with Light (Aka Tina Thrussell).   Book your healing package now.


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