Day Of Mindfulness Retreat

Day Of Mindfulness Retreat


Day of Mindfulness Retreat with Tina Thrussell

Tired? Stressed? Overwhelmed?
Need a break?
How about tools to make life easier?      

Experience one day that feels like a mini-vacation, yet positively impacts you for a lifetime!

Saturday, November 17, 2018  from 10:00 am to 4:30 pm

  • Feel calm, relaxed and less stressed!
  • Be Healthier and Happier (Lower Blood Pressure, Improve Respiratory and Digestive function, etc.)
  • Discover peace of Mind (stop your racing brain!)
  • Be more focused and productive
  • Strengthen your relationships

Limited time – Bring a friend or family member for half price! Register now!!

See below for more details.

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Saturday, November 17, 2018  from 10:00 am to 4:30 pm
at Confederation Park 55+ Activity Centre (you DON’t have to be 55+ to attend!!) at 2212 – 13 St NW, Calgary

It’s like a mini-vacation, yet far more impactful!

Experience a soul-satisfying day of peaceful, calming relaxation and heart-warming human connection. Learn how Mindfulness can help you feel less stressed, be healthier, happier and more at peace.  Experience practical, simple, yet extremely effective techniques and meditative exercises that you can take away and use in everyday life.

Come have fun, feel relaxed and experience the many benefits of mindfulness practices: (30 years of scientific research supports this list!)

  • Strengthen your relationships
  • Decrease Anxiety
  • Improve your health – Lower Blood Pressure, Improve Respiratory and Digestive function, etc.
  • Have Greater Focus
  • Feel Relaxed
  • Be more productive
  • Quiet your Mind to experience Peace and Calm
  • Reduce or Eliminate depression
  • Improve attitudes and behaviours
  • Increase performance and productivity
  • Dramatically Reduce the effects of Stress

Find out how YOU can benefit from practicing Mindfulness in your life!

Space is limited, so Register now.

It’s more fun to learn with friends… and gives you the benefit of an accountability partner, too. (A mindfulness ‘buddy’ will help to keep you using the tools you learn after the event is over.) So….

Bring a friend, or family member, AT HALF PRICE! Contact Tina at 403-285-5266 to register your mindfulness buddy today.